About Us


We are a team of volunteers who share the same aspiration to ensure that no child is left on this earth without a school, teacher and book. With the idea of “Educate a Child, Change the World”, we strive to ensure that children receive proper education wherever the sun rises and sets, regardless of their religion, language, race or color.


We provide fundings to local partner charities to improve the physical conditions of schools in various countries and strive to set up new schools with better standards. This includes, children living in rural areas who do not have access to education. We raise fundings to supply books as well as stationery equipment to pupils. As well as funding overcome the hurdles in their pursuit of education by bringing clean water to children with the water wells dug up in the gardens of the village schools.


Our goal is to reach every child on this land where the sun rises and sets. But we know this is merely possible by the effort of one. Therefore, we start up similar educational projects in Asia and Africa. Because even though the people of these two countries attach great importance to education, millions of children in these countries cannot receive education due to physical or economic conditions.


“Children”; because they are the future of this world. We believe that any financial or moral investment in children will directly affect the future of the world.
“Education” because we believe with all our hearts that only education can change the world. It takes one child well-educated in worldly and spiritual aspects, to change the world. And remember, no matter where they were born and what language they speak, all children are equal, all children have the right to education.

How We Work In 3 Steps?