Education Sponsorship Initiative

IFCED provides financial aid to children who want to further their education.


Children living in underdeveloped countries cannot obtain a sufficient amount of education because of financial difficulties and the hardships brought on by a lack of physical conditions. Children, especially in rural areas, are unable to go to schools outside their villages if they have financial constraints. This causes millions of successful and intelligent children to only have a primary education, if that. IFCED provides financial aid to children who want to further their education. By contacting local authorized schools through our partner foundations, we offer children financial support for education, food, accommodation and transportation among other things.


A child’s, who is unable to obtain education due to different reasons:


IFCED gives priority to children most in need and does this through its partner foundations. As many children, are supported as there are sponsorships. The selection process doesn’t discriminate against any race, religion, language or gender.

IFCED, provides for the children by enrolling them in government approved boarding schools in the bigger cities. Alternatively, we contract a student dormitory where the children are in school during the day and in the student lodgings during the night.

Children’s mental and educational progress is monitored by the data provided by the partner schools. The scholarship is provided as long as they abide by the general rules and are successful in their schooling.