Gift It



Perhaps the best gift one can give to children in rural schools is a big box of pencils. This way you’d have supplied their pencil needs for a whole term. There are 400 pencils in a box.



During this global pandemic, everyone has once again remembered the importance of hygiene. You can help protect children by gifting them a box of soap to help have a cleaner world. A box contains 70 bars of soap.



In some regions of our world, winter brings with it many hardships and children are the ones who are the most vulnerable to them. You can help save young lives by gifting them with blankets.



As the number of people in starvation rises everyday, certainly the worst affected are children. Malnourished children do not get to achieve their full potential, both physically and mentally. You can put a smile on their face by gifting a family with a box of food aid.


Humanity and it's lifestyle are destroying trees everyday when we as both the humanity and the nature need trees to continue the life on Earth. Therefore, to at least aid in solving this problem you can gift a loved one with a sapling. The gifted saplings will be planted into the yards of the schools in Pakistan's rural areas and will be watered by the water from the water wells we've built with your generous contributions.



You can gift a child/children with financial difficulties a stationary set containing pencils, pens, rubbers, notebooks, crayons a beautiful school bag.



You can gift a kid with a walking disability, which may be caused by a number of different things, with a wheelchair. This would allow you to stand by them and guide them in the journey of life.

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