MONGOLIA Boarding Institution Project

Support a Sadaqatul Jariyah that is to be opened in Mongolia.

Support a Sadaqatul Jariyah that is to be opened in Mongolia. Thanks to your donations, we can complete this school quickly, where poor and orphaned children will receive free education for generations.

Rasūlullāh (sallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said: “When a man dies, his acts come to an end apart from three: recurring charity (sadaqatul jariyah), or knowledge (by which people) benefit, or a pious child, who prays for him.”


The biggest obstacle to education in Mongolia, where 5% of the population is Muslim, is the difficulty that thousands of children living in rural areas face when trying to reach adequate education. In Mongolia, where job opportunities are limited, the main livelihood of people is livestock. For this reason, the majority of the population lives in rural areas, on large pastures and in tents. This state of the country is the biggest obstacle to education. In order for children of education age to continue their education uninterrupted, it is necessary to travel on horseback for hours. The only solution to this is to support the boarding institutions where the children living in rural areas will be able to shelter in cities safely during their education and to ensure that new ones are built.

As IFCED, we support the boarding institution under construction in Bayan Olgii, Mongolia, with your donations and charity. When the building, which consists of two blocks, each with a capacity of 85 children, is completed, 170 children will be able to shelter safely away from their villages and homes during their education, free of charge. All kinds of needs will be met, including two hot meals a day, social activities and moral lessons.

Surely, the most beneficial investment to be made for the future is charity.


You can support this project by donating just a door, window or table and chair, or by sponsoring all items to be used in a classroom. Remember, a single child will not use the items you donate. Hundreds of children, even thousands of children for generations, will be able to benefit from these items.


Door £190

Window £110

School Desk + Chair £40

Bookcase £100

White Board £100

Bunk Bed £145

Computer £245


(door + 3 windows + 9 desks + 17 chairs + 4 bookcase + carpet + staff desk & chair + board)

DORM £3500

(door + 2 windows + 7 bunk beds + 14 mattress + 14 wardrobes + carpet + 14 pillows, quilts, duvet covers)


(door + 4 windows + 15 desks + 60 chairs + carpet + water purifier + bread cabinet)