With the idea that water is life, we deliver the source of life even to the remotest corners suffering from thirst. With the 22 wells we drilled in 2022 thanks to you, we are one step closer to our goal of a more livable world.

As IFCED, we drilled water wells in 22 different villages of Pakistan in 2022. All of the wells were drilled in the gardens of village schools. Thus, children will be able to benefit from the wells first, then other people and animals living in the village. Thanks to the wells, children will be able to drink clean water and use the water of these wells for their personal hygiene.

Why Pakistan?
According to United Nations (UN) data, 40 percent of infectious diseases and related deaths in Pakistan are caused by contaminated water. With a population of nearly 200 million, half of the 100,000 people who die from waterborne diseases in Pakistan are children under the age of 10. The citizens of the country, who have great difficulty in accessing clean water hold on to life healthily with clean water wells…

Special Water Wells for IFCED
IFCED’s water wells in Pakistan are in the form of a dispenser. In addition to a hand pump, the water is stored in a 2-ton tank with an electric motor. Children can drink water from the faucets (6-10) located around the tank. Electricity is provided by solar panels in areas where electricity is not available.

How does the water well project work?
First of all, a feasibility study is conducted by the local partner association operating in the region. As a result of the research, priority is given to areas with high population density and where water is urgently needed. A water well project is initiated for the prioritized areas and with the support of you, our local partners, the technical and construction parts of the water well are completed. When the project is completed, an opening ceremony is held. The video of the ceremony is sent to the benefactors who helped build the well. As IFCED, we put sustainability of our charity work as a great priority. We maintain the water wells in certain periods and fix any deficiencies.