We provide the means for children who weren’t able to continue their education because of financial difficulties and the lack of services at rural areas. With the help of partner local charities  we provide, before all else, accommodation and transportation as well as food, clothing and educational materials to children. Everything is so that children can further their education in a safe place even when away from home.

We rented 5 facilities with over 200 students in two cities of Pakistan (Lahore, Tobe Tek Singh) in 2021. These establishments, operated by our partner local charities, gives a safe and free space for children to go to state or private schools.

Schools are not only places where children learn but also a safe space for them to develop their social and mental skills. It’s impossible for a child to gain the same social experience they gained in school while at home. For children to be in contact with peers in a social institution like a school is of utmost importance for their mental health. However, due to the pandemic, it’s been recorded that 6 children out of 10 do not have access to the education they need for various reasons. The fact that half of children aged 6-11 haven’t gained even the basest skills in reading-writing as well as maths clearly paints a picture of how bad things really are.