Thousands of people lost their lives and millions were left homeless in the flood disaster caused by the monsoon rains. The rains started in Pakistan in June 2022 and were effective for months.

Pakistan, one of the leading countries known for flood disasters, has experienced the biggest flood disaster of recent years.  As a result of the overflow of the Indus and Kabul rivers, a significant part of the country was flooded. In the statement made by the Pakistan National Disaster Management Agency, it is stated that the number of people who lost their lives in the flood disaster reached 1700 and the number of injured reached 12 thousand. 632 of those who lost their lives are children.

In the statement made by the authorities, it is reported that more than a third of the country was flooded after the heaviest monsoon rainfall in recent years. It was also reported that 325 thousand houses were destroyed, 733 thousand houses were damaged and at least 700 thousand animals perished. It is estimated that the damage of this flood disaster to Pakistan will be 40 billion dollars and about 9 million Pakistanis will live in poverty due to floods. It may take years for the country, which is already struggling with poverty, to recover.

IFCED Was Present
IFCED was with the people of Pakistan in this difficult day. With the aid campaign launched, we brought the aid of the philanthropists to Pakistan. A tent city consisting of 33 tents was established in Rajanpur, Pakistan. Tents, mosquito nets, blankets and food parcels were distributed to the families here. In addition, 150 families affected by floods in Taunsa Shareef city were provided with basic food supplies to meet their needs for at least two months.