Small for You, Life-Changing for Them

Joın Ifced
in Spreading Hope This Ramadan

Turn Compassion into Action with Ramadan Food Boxes

Our “Ramadan Food Box” campaign aims to deliver essential food supplies to underprivileged families during the holy month of Ramadan. With the generous support of donors like you, each box will contain staple food items, ingredients for iftar meals, and small gifts to share the spiritual bounty of Ramadan.

Why Your Donation Matters?

  • Empower Communities: Your donation directly supports families in need, enabling them to observe Ramadan with dignity and joy.
  • Spread Hope: Together, we can turn compassion into action, making a tangible difference in the lives of many.
  • Create Connections: Your contribution fosters a sense of global solidarity, bridging distances through shared humanitarian efforts.

Some Photos From Our Past Aid Campaigns


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You can donate easily on our website as like can do on this page.

As IFCED, we strive to share the donations made to us with our donors in the most transparent way possible, as we have for years, and to be visible to everyone on our social media accounts and website.

Contact us through at [email protected].