PAKISTAN Solar Panel Project

Power outages negatively affect the lives of 80 children. You can prevent this with your donations
The lives of children are adversely affected in many ways due to the power cuts in this boarding institution in Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan, where 80 orphaned and disadvantaged children stay to continue their education.

When the power cuts:

  • The children stay in the dark for hours.
  • Their education is affected in the long winter nights.
  • The food stored in the fridge and freezers goes off.
  • Water pumps that supply water to the upper floors do not work.
  • Cooling fans do not work on hot days, meaning the exhausting effect of heat is felt in full.

Moreover, a recent event caused many electrical appliances (computers, printers…etc.) to malfunction.

According to the research and expert opinions, the most sustainable, environmental and economical solution is solar panels. In Pakistan, where the number of sunny days is relatively high, the energy obtained from solar energy will be stored and used in the entire building.