Sponsorship Of Orphans

IFCED offers a lifeline to the most vulnerable members of the society.

Around the world there are more than 153 million orphan children. This number continues to grow each and every day. Every day more than five thousand children are orphaned because of a variety of reasons like war, diseases, poverty and medical incompetence. Across the globe, orphaned children have to take on the financial load of their families. These children, most of whom are school age, have to resort to working in terrible conditions for little pay to support their families. IFCED offers a lifeline to the most vulnerable members of the society. We help orphaned children with whatever they may need starting with a quality education. We strive to help orphans be useful members of their communities and the world by implementing assistive and lasting endeavours thanks to your donations.


We help an orphan with an unfinished education by;


Children who have lost their father or both of their parents are orphans. These children who’ve lost their father or family are the most vulnerable and their schooling promptly ends. These children get a chance to reclaim their childhoods and education and become useful members of their communities.

IFCED chooses the orphans to be given aid through its partner foundations. The children most in need are given priority. The selection process doesn’t discriminate against any race, religion, language or gender.

IFCED, provides for the orphans by enrolling them in government approved boarding schools in the bigger cities. Alternatively, we contract a student dormitory where the children are in school during the day and in the student lodgings during the night. IFCED provides for the needs of children through the donations of sponsors.

The child is monitored through the data supplied by the partner foundations. IFCED continues to provide financial aid as long as the child abides by the rules and is successful in their school work.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. These meeting may negatively affect the children’s progress. However, you can get information about the child/ren you’re sponsoring. You will also be given official documents of the child’s progress in school twice a year.