In the information age, computers are the easiest and fastest way to access the world… As IFCED, we bring computers, which have become a basic educational need today, to students in need.

While there have been changes in every phase of our lives during and after Covid-19, education have been significantly affected by this change. Access to computers and technological devices has become a necessity rather than a luxury.

IFCED, which aims to provide children with a better education through sustainable education projects, continues to develop projects in this regard. We meet the needs of schools and student dormitories in different parts of the world and help students receive a better equipped education. One of our project areas is building computer classrooms. Our campaign, which is the subject of this news article, had a different meaning. Charitable volunteer students equipped their fellow students in need with computers, even though they were thousands of kilometers away from them.

Technology Link from Students to Students

The donations collected through a campaign organized by the students of Marathon Science School in London, England, turned into a computer classroom in Mongolia with the partnership of the Marathon Science School and IFCED Foundation. A computer classroom was opened in the boarding institution where orphaned and poor children are sheltered during their education. Located in Ulgii, Mongolia, the institution houses 80 children. The children go to school in the morning and stay in this institution after school. In the institution, where lessons are given to support their school education, all kinds of needs of the children, including 3 hot meals, are met.

With this campaign, we see that great geographic distances are not important to lend a helping hand.

You too can meet the needs of a child in need. You too can help prepare them for a better world.